Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Beginning

Time to start a blog. Or so I believe its that time.

My obsession with this hobby started years ago with the purchase of a beta, a small freshwater fish. From there it was all downhill as I found that the better, prettier looking fish all are saltwater. A small jump from there into basic corals and the next thing I'm obsessing over SPS corals. These corals come in a wide variety of colors from green, blue, and purple to pink, red, and orange. The above picture is my yellow Clown Goby hanging out in a SPS waiting to be fed.

The tank is a monster at 180 gallons. After rock and water the aquarium ways close to, if not, a ton of weight. To keep the corals happy, there is a few pieces of equipment needed to keep everything in it happy. The breakdown:

Kalk Reactor
Calcium Reactor
Phosphate Reactor

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